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Christmas gift.

So in my class this year, we decide to make a gift exchange. Each person picked a name out of a hat and had to draw a picture of that person's choice. To know what you had to draw, we all wrote what we wanted on a list that was posted on a classmate's locker. The requirements for my Kris Kringle were: "A group of hipsters shunning someone and calling that person a hipster." Here was the end result:

The character on the right of the hipster group has 'Hipster Rage' written beside him.

Free time? I never heard of such a thing!

So, this week is the last week of the semester....that easily equates to multiple all-nighters, last minute panic, and a renewed addiction to caffeine. So, instead of something snazzy, this is a sketch done at work inspired by the outfits of 1802, France. Plan to add more once I'm on break.

A very quick drawing done at work.....I can do without the character on the left. The two in the center  are my faves, though.

Character Design & Mucha Madness!

A Mucha inspired piece.
My character for an action pose assignment

And this lovely, cheery chap was created for a character rotation project.

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