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Walk and Run

This is my walk and run animation. It's pretty lame, not going to lie. Also, unfortunately, I couldn't complete the middle interaction part :/ Animation is something I still have to work on

Leica Reel of SHAMBO


These are end of the semester layouts :) 

For the exercise, I took the last layout and made three shots from it. The fishing hut is the medium shot, the second is the close-up and the last is my long shot. 

Mac Beth colour keys

 Assignment where we take our storyboards (see MacBeth post earlier) and create colour keys out of the them. I had fun with this :)

Layout and Character fun

Just like the title says: a post of layout and character assignment results :) Still needs improvement but it was fun to do

Caricature Day

This weekend my roommate and I held free caricatures for the folks of our building. Unfortunately, not many came out. The ones that did, however, were so lovely with all their stories to tell! Here are the ones I did that day:

The woes of Lady MacBeth

This is the result of my first story boarding assignment of the year. We had to create a tale based off of a poem or short story and this is my lovely creation. Although there is always stuff to improve, I'm actually happy with this:


A caricature I did of our character design professor:

Sketch stuffs

Here is just a dump of some stuff that's been floating around in my sketchbook:

Chair practice! :D

For character design. Had fun with contrasting:

Skeleton study done at the ROM:

Doodle done at work. Randomness:

Not the dog!

Right now, we are making a character in one class to animate in another. This is the girl that I will be using. Her design is so friggin simple that I hope it will help me work more efficiently with the animation. The task is for her to throw something. She will be throwing the silly dog at her feet. Here is a quick doodle I did of her for fun:


I noticed while driving to work the other day that there is a time in Oakville mornings that all the runners decide to go out. It's crazy. I'm really surprised at how many old people are buffs around these parts. Anyways, here's a comic that came from it: 

The character on the bottom is me in my animate-all-night glory.


Classmates and I had a jolly ol' time just naming a theme and creating doodles from them. Below are the themes 'Creepy' and 'Water'.

Veils and hats, oh my!

These are two doodles I did in character design class for that common stance of putting the weight on one leg. For one character, it's obvious to see. For the other, it's hidden a bit more :) I like these two for the contrast of curved vs. angular but the second one looked like the most fun to colour.

Flour and Boat -WIP-

Currently working on the first animation of the year. It's just a review of the stuff we learned last year and a very painful reminder that I am nowhere near where I want to be. This is just a wip and VERY rough. I still need to fix, well, pretty much everything. However, for now, it's a base that I can start ripping apart given I keep on top of my homework ;D


Had a chat with my little sister today about body image. This quick digital painting was done shortly after

Animation; First year (Part 3)

Final animation:

We had to animate a flour sack interacting with a project...mine was a guillotine.

Animation; First year (Part 2)

Animation; First year

So here are a few animation assignments that I did during the school year. They still need a lot of work, but I am quite pleased with them.

Meow assign :

We had to take an existing character and animate his/her head rotation and a lip sync to the clip 'meow.' My character was John Silver from disney's Treasure Planet

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