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Not the dog!

Right now, we are making a character in one class to animate in another. This is the girl that I will be using. Her design is so friggin simple that I hope it will help me work more efficiently with the animation. The task is for her to throw something. She will be throwing the silly dog at her feet. Here is a quick doodle I did of her for fun:


I noticed while driving to work the other day that there is a time in Oakville mornings that all the runners decide to go out. It's crazy. I'm really surprised at how many old people are buffs around these parts. Anyways, here's a comic that came from it: 

The character on the bottom is me in my animate-all-night glory.


Classmates and I had a jolly ol' time just naming a theme and creating doodles from them. Below are the themes 'Creepy' and 'Water'.

Veils and hats, oh my!

These are two doodles I did in character design class for that common stance of putting the weight on one leg. For one character, it's obvious to see. For the other, it's hidden a bit more :) I like these two for the contrast of curved vs. angular but the second one looked like the most fun to colour.

Flour and Boat -WIP-

Currently working on the first animation of the year. It's just a review of the stuff we learned last year and a very painful reminder that I am nowhere near where I want to be. This is just a wip and VERY rough. I still need to fix, well, pretty much everything. However, for now, it's a base that I can start ripping apart given I keep on top of my homework ;D

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