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Late night doodles.

Just some late night doodles. Hopefully I can keep up my daily doodle routine. 


I am fluent in the language of eyebrows thanks to my mother. Here are a few terms I learned from her over the years. 

Listening to sassy 90's tunes

I grew up with a mother that works as a nurse. The term 'scrub' always makes me think of hospital greens despite how hard that one 90's song may have tried to explain otherwise. 

The story of a cannibal

For Character design we had to pick a time period and develop a story and characters that are set within it. I chose pre-colonization New Zealand. Here is what I resulted in:

Boogie Man Doodle

When I'm scared by boogieman stories, I actually go around an salt the house. Knowing my luck though, I probably just unknowingly started a ghost rave party.

Cuddles Boards

In story class, we did a group assignment where each student gets a section of a song and has to board it. It was up to the group to decide how to interpret the song and what the overall story will be. I'm usually not a fan of group work but I had to admit that this project was fun :) Here are the boards that I did. Might post up the leica for it sometime later this week.

Should've been paying attention

A doodle done in class instead of paying attention. Quickly done but I love the little guy.
An accurate depiction of one of my classmates and the joy that makes his eyes go big when talking about  one of his artist crushes. 

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